Reminiscing about the past



24th December (Monday): It’s been a while since I proved that human evolution is impossible if we allow ourselves to be held at ransom by the greatest villain ever- Time. We accept it quite willfully and have gone so far as to incorporate it in our regular vocabulary with phrases like- being bound by time. How proud we must feel to declare to one and all that we, the so called superior species of the planet bow to the ticking hands of a clock! The world tries to restrict me with these feeble excuses and wants to encroach upon my space. Maybe that’s way I gathered myself away from the prying senses of society and family and planted myself here, my very own utopia, where there’s me and my true family, the plants, trees, creepers and other herbaceous beings. They talk and chat and communicate with me in a manner that no human can, ever. But tonight I don’t have time for them.

I sit back in my lab and try to ponder over the loose ends which are restricting me to achieve the dream for which it is worth getting etiolated. A time in the night when sapiens would be trying hard to impress the genders of their interest, trying to achieve things which would only make them want more. The meaning of pleasure for people around me changed over the time from the joy of putting the ball in a basket to trying hard to charm others with their dresses and makeup.

This is like all those Saturdays when kids used to go out to play and I sat behind in the house with my dream, my books, my pets (yes, plants can be your pets!), an insane idea and a zeal which was above everything else. A dream to win that coveted prize for being the greatest researcher in the field of botany.

It’s amusing but when other kids were asking their parents for a baseball bat, I was dreaming of a saguaro in my room. Too bad that they didn’t understand what it represents because for them beauty lies in soft petals of a rose and not in a thorny Coryphantha vivipara. But it is good that I can wake up every day and look at this creation and admire the beauty of these spikes. I wonder when the world around me would become so wise and understand what all plants and my research can do for them. According to me, this world can only understand the meaning of research when you can either present them something unique or crazy! I wonder what I would give to this world.


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