The Crazy Experiment


Shape of an unformed ‘Oogle’ with only the eyes in a pool of green liquid

28th  December (Friday) It’s midnight and I’m sitting in the middle of what used to be my living room. The last 24 hours have been eventful to say the least and I am still running high on adrenaline. Interesting effect it has on the nerves but can’t say I like it much as it blurs objectivity and clarity. Two servings of chlorophyll have not been able to subside it and I fear I might have the beginnings of herbicidal diarrhea if I consumed a third. But my unnatural physiological state should not be the reason to digress from the events of this unexpected albeit momentous day.

After hitting the roadblock in Project Exoskelebellyoculus (X, if the former’s too hard on your tongue) I spent a better part of Saturday poring over the countless figures and equations trying to find out the error in my ways. After a while an African war drum started playing on my medulla oblongata slowly inching towards an unacceptable decibel level (of all the unnecessary bother!). That was when I found it; the tiny error in quantity of nitro-ptychotis that has been sending all my results up in smoke (or down the drain or both). I rushed to the cold storage, a dropper in hand searching frantically for the vial of nitro-ptychotis which I always kept next to the bottle of aqua-glycerin. What I found gave me a kind of convulsion I had not felt since I read ‘The Origin of Species’ in the first grade. Next to the glycerin was a tub of gooey berry sundae treated with hibiscus and cactus juice, my tonic for mental overheating. I must have left the vial in my refrigerator when I allowed myself a spoonful of tonic last week and brought back the tub in a moment of absence of the mind. No wonder my last sample did nothing much but look creamy. In my excitement I took my test sample of Exoskelebellyoculus and went up to my kitchen and instead of 2 drops of nitro-ptychotis I quite generously ensured that a third drop found its way into the sample. All I saw was a flash of white and all I heard was a very loud ‘BOOM!!’ and everything went black.

Chaos, they say leads to creation. Sitting here on the floor of my living room and looking up to see the moon through the hole in my bedroom, I cannot agree more.


Waking up to the smell of burning wood and plastic, my first reaction was to search for my sample and I found it intact in the petridish. But there was something different. Something that made small bubbles, something that seemed to stare back, something…… green. And then it disappeared, and reappeared and disappeared and reappeared again. Two eyes staring back at me only to be replaced by two different eyes and then there were more eyes. All this while the room seemed to buzz with an unnatural sound, something if phonetically interpreted on paper would read like ‘Oooooooo’. The African war drum was back and so was the adrenaline and I felt like I was back in school, a young boy his stomach in knots as he peered into the microscope staring at his first glimpse of amoeba. And this was so much bigger! But they wouldn’t stay. It was as if they were born to perish the next second. What had I created, or had I created anything at all??? Questions flitted in and out and my mind went on overdrive thinking about the possibilities. But then, this is just the beginning. The creature or whatever it is has to exist, has to grow and evolve into the organism it is meant to be. And I shall be the guide it needs to survive and thrive on Earth and maybe it will call me, Pater. I guess it is okay to give in to emotional flights of fancy once in a while. My vision is slowly blurring, but there’s so much work to do, and those eyes, ah the eyes that ogle. I’ll make you stay my creation; you will stare and not disappear. I need to think. I think it’s time for that third glass of chlorophyll.


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