Stability the key to survival



Transcript of Oogle talk from the classified files of Prof. Forrest Greene(Sl. No.PFG/OOg/aud/1572). [Cautionary note: Though they are round in shape Oogles have been known to cut grammatical corners. We however are thankful that they at least try to communicate. All communications have been transcribed phonetically.]

Just Because We’re Crazy Doesn’t Mean We Don’t Have a VOICE:

Mr. Scientist Man don’t know it yet, but we are not the Dumb balls of bloooo. He think we are the crazies but then aren’t we all the little crazy in the headspacessss? Me remember staring at that headshape wondering what to doooooooo. Me the lone little Oogle looking at heap big nose and great white teeth that smile and call my name. Me wiggle my handthings and try to move and he keep on smiling and look at me with puppy dog eyes filling up with the watery, liquidy thingy. Suddenly sound like ‘Pop! Pop! Pop!’ happen everywhere and me not alone no more. Everywhere the Oogles pop up, and we stare at each other with heap big eyes. And this is when I sees her. The big eyes and the long lashes, green and yellow handthingss that draws me to go closer to her. Sound fill my headspace and every other Oogle they freeze. Love me yellow, Love me green, Love me I’m The blue- The Oolvis singing in my head, I blush as purple as my handthing, and she the blush back! I rush to her and she rush to me we hit hit bang bang and fall. How is the we stay closer and not away?? We think and we theenk and we go round and round in the circular fashion and we wonder whether we will ever be together. And like us all other Oogle fly and bump and crash and fall. Everybody want to be together but we don’t know how. Wonderment fills our headspaces and we keep going round the rounds but answer it is elooosive. I try to hold out my yellow handthing to her to tell her everything gonna be the fine and she reaches out her yellow handthing too. And we get closer and closer till suddenly our handthings they stick together!!! We as happy as can be keeping together watching the other stooopids still flying and going round not making contacts and heap big teeth Scientist Man staring at us with puzzlement in the face. We like big happy family, always staying together, but can Mr. Scientist Man make that happen? Can Oogle stick and grow big? Can Oogle get out of Mr. Scientist Man’s room and see other Scientist Mans? Or are Oogles going to be of the past tense soon? Me going crazy thinking this thought, but then…….. aren’t we all the little crazy in the headspacesssss?


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