It gets a Name



15thDecember (Saturday) : Jonathan Breedingstone called this morning and bored me for a good 10 minutes 38 seconds talking about his research on the digestive properties of buffalo grass. Now I need to clear my head and get things back into perspective. Sometimes I feel writing the diary is like therapy, giving the world a glimpse into the intricate maze that is my brain.

Ever since I discovered the ogling eyes that went ‘Ooooo’ my constant effort was to stabilize the critters to see whether they would be anything more than just eyes. But after two days of unrelenting creation and destruction, there were eyes all around me, even in a state of somnolence, they’d gleam and stare at me, their mournful stare tugging at my arteries. And this got me thinking. As the little grey cells pondered about the problem, it struck me that there is only one thing that has been constant with life since eternity (as we know it), Aqua or Water, poetically described as ‘the essence of life’.

Never one to wait on an idea I added a drop of water to the eyes of Project Exoskelebellyoculus, and waited. It felt like time had stopped and for once the eyes did not go away. It kept staring back. Trembling with anticipation, I added another drop. This time the eyes started to suck in the water very fast, almost with a sense of purpose and the creature started to inflate in front of my eyes. It lost its greenish tinge to turn blue and four small tentacles popped out from its round body. And there it lay, with a happy contented look in its sparkling eyes, its tentacles blushing a deep purple, yellow and green. It was beautiful. I had done it! After all my years of hard work and countless hurdles, I had found a new life form, a new species. But what can I call it? Staring at those ogling eyes listening to its magical hum, like an a capella singer giving constant harmonies I could think of no other name to call it- The name by which the entire world would know it forever- Oogle.

Within the next day Project X gunned ahead as more and more Oogles were born. One thing I noticed was that though the colors of the tentacles varied between red, yellow, purple and green, the combination of the colors was different for every Oogle. And this was when the problem started. With every addition the Oogles started to get agitated and move around zipping in their container crashing and bumping into each other. Some of them stuck together while others just bounced off each other. I could not figure out what was happening as the Oogles seemed hell bent on moving and crashing. Were they trying to stick together? Were they trying to grow? Or did they just want to destroy each other? I was driven to the edge trying to figure out what to do with these Crazy Oogles. And that was when the telephone rang.


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